The 5 WiWU alcohol wipes life hack you need to know

I really enjoy using WiWU Alcohol Wipes around my everyday life for cleaning. It can be used to fight infections, clean your skin and pores of toxins, disinfect surfaces and clean objects. The most important thing is, it can kill 99.9% coronavirus.

The common use of alcohol prep pads in medicine is to clean an area of skin before giving an injection. But in this article, I am going to show you 5 interesting ways that you can use with inexpensive and readily available WiWU Alcohol Wipes.

1. Clean Electronics

It's disinfected, kill 99.9% germs, can be used to clean your mobile screen, laptop, keyboard, airpod and give it a couple of minutes to dry and the bacteria should be gone. WiWU Alcohol is a great choice because it evaporates quickly, and there’s less of a chance that moisture will affect your devices.



2. Clean Glasses

Wipe your glasses on either side of the lens with the alcohol wipes,make sure at last wipe the nose pads to remove any residue, cause there are so many germs build-up, it will smear the residue on the lens. However, recommend not using alcohol wipes clean the lenses, you risk removing the special coating on your lenses.

3. Get Rid of Acne

WiWU alcohol wipes could be helpful for inflammatory acne treatment, it can kill P. acnes bacteria which cause acne. First, clean your face with water, then gently pat the wipe around the acne, leave it on for 10 minutes. Finally, use a moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Do this twice daily, after a few days you will find your acne gone.

4. Cleans Minor Cuts and Abrasions

WiWU alcohol wipes can also be used to clean minor cuts or scrapes because of the natural bactericidal characteristics. It can disinfect the area and kill any bacteria to prevent infection. What's more?It can also help to stop bleeding in the cuts by tightening your capillaries, which are what are losing blood in your body.

5. Use as a jewelry cleaner

What needs to be clarified is, precious metals will not be damaged by alcohol, so WiWU alcohol wipes are your best choice for cleaning jewelry. Jewelry serves as bacterial breeding grounds, you don't know how dirty it is. WiWU alcohol wipes contain an alcohol concentration of up to 75%, which can effectively remove bacteria on the surface of your jewelry.

WiWU alcohol wipes are well design, you can keep these sorts of products in your purse or your wallet and use them to wipe down surfaces that you might think have germs on them. There are seven 20 count boxes, individually wrapped pads.